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Teaching emotional, physical, and social awareness through music. For kids of all ages.

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Free Soundtrack

Wanna get your child onboard with healthy eating in a fun way? Do they like to sing? Here is a pack of songs from the Fresh Fruit Crew music group.


Banana And The Beat Book

Chronicles the healthy adventures of a music group of fruits and veggies who rhyme about nutrition and wellness.

Purchase book now and get (4) bonus songs about nutrition, plus special exercises.

musical notes

Touch the Right Note

Start learning music by ear. Great repitition exercise to train the brain and coordinate motor skills.


Social Emotional Learning Program

$1199 - Bundle

The ability to manage your emotions impacts your whole life trajectory. Make sure your child gets a headstart and learns how to regulate their nervous system and flourish in life. This bundle covers 14 weeks of key components of creating a positive mindset, how to self soothe and deal with emotional triggers. Foundational topics that can set your child up for success.


Learn musical notes

Does your child like music? Want to get them a headstart and train their musical ear? Try this free game.

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